Known as Ireland's King of Jazz, Paddy Cole first entered the world of showbiz at the tender age of 9. He spent his formative years entertaining audiences throughout Ireland and the UK until the emerging Showband craze caught up with him. The newly formed 'Capitol Showband' had decided to create an 'All Ireland' appeal by having members from all over the country and Paddy was one of the lucky few to be invited to join the band as their saxophone and clarinet player. They became an overnight success.

The 'Capitol Showband' went on to become the first Irish band to record an LP and was also the first Irish band to appear on 'Sunday night at the Palladium' in the UK where they performed to a television audience of 30 million. Their popularity soared throughout the 1960's and went beyond Ireland and the UK as they also did extensive tours of the United States. In spite of this, after many years at the top, the band eventually succumbed to the changing social scene in Ireland as the “Show band Era” dwindled in the late 1960's/early 70's.

In 1971 Paddy was given the opportunity to join with other show band stars to form a new band called 'The Big 8.' The band concentrated on the bright lights of Las Vegas where they lived and performed for 7 months of each year. After several very successful years playing to sell out crowds on the 'Strip' Paddy decided that he wanted to return to life in Ireland. On his return he set up his own band and along with his old Big 8 co-star and friend 'Twink'. His new band entitled The Paddy Cole Superstars made its debut in October 1974, playing mostly a mix of country and pop, along with some Dixieland, very much in the style of the sixties show bands. The band concentrated mostly on the North of Ireland, and quickly became very popular. The Paddy Cole Superstars were on the road in the late 70's and early 80's but in 1981, Paddy left the band, deciding to retire from showbiz entirely and enter the pub business, where he worked for 12 years. But music and showmanship are in Paddy’s DNA and he couldn’t stay away! He found himself back performing once more and returned to the limelight where he has remained as one of the Ireland's top entertainers to this day.

Since his return to the limelight Paddy has been inducted into the Irish Music Hall of Fame (1997) and has been nominated for a PPI award for his Sunday music radio show, which has been running for over 12 years on Sunshine 106.8FM. Paddy has also been the Chairman of Recorded Artists Actors Performers since 2002. In 1993 Paddy Cole was awarded RTE (Ireland’s national TV station) 'Showbiz Personality of the Year' and from there was invited to host his own television series called  “Craic 'n' Cole”, featuring top Irish guest acts.