Kieran has been playing music from an early age, learning first from his father at home and then traveling to the countless summer schools, workshops, sessions and festivals that run the length and breadth of Ireland. Starting first on the Tin Whistle, he progressed to the Bodhrán, the Irish Flute, the Uilleann Pipes, the Mandolin, the Banjo and most recently the Guitar.

Kieran has toured extensively with various bands, stage shows and musicians over the last 15 years from Inner Mongolia to The White House and back again, fusing his own traditional Irish musical roots with all kinds of World Musical Genres from Reggae, Rock, Blues, Classical to Eastern European folk/Gypsy music.

At home Kieran is involved in composing, performing and recording music for various projects including local Church groups, local music schools, numerous Cross-Community initiative’s, Youth Clubs, various multi cultural groups and also in composing and directing musical scores for T.V and Film.